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Project Objective

Scheduling and Dispatching project as the name itself clears what type of functions will be performed by this web based java application. Through this system, you can planned your future work and schedule it to be performed on expected time without any hassle. This Scheduling and Dispatching project system will enable to keep track on going work and take appropriate action on time if any problem occurs. To exist in fast growing business environment, financial management work should also plays a vital role for a successful business and this can only be achieved if payment mode and mechanism will be shorter.

Its invoice management section will keep track of payment transaction without and outside the organization and display the defaulters after elapsing of expected time. Any file handling and processing mechanism will be handled by the scheduler and its dispatching method will keep track of route and authentication where the files are to be dispatched. If any error occurs while processing the request, an immediate alert message will be sended to the scheduler by which this work has been initialized. Its graph analyzer section will able to provide work report in bar graph form along with other parameters which will help its managers to take action on time.

Existing System

Centralize work management handling process was not achieved by the existing system and JDBC connection pooling was not having the capability of making connection persistence, thus immediate updation work cannot be achieved through this. Field work management status and generating customized report on it was not possible, thus admin has to use sql query to get report status which require technical person to handle the existing system. Routing table was not designed using the concept of AI which can change its behavior based of requirement and fixed path was there to carry specific tasks.

Proposed System

This new Scheduling and Dispatching project system has been on the concept of MVC pattern based on three tier architecture. It will use ORM framework to carried out all the tasks. To maintain connection persistence in computer memory to carry out processing task faster, hibernate framework has been used to keep connection alive. As this system will able to perform all its scheduled tasks on time, which will result in high billing and high revenue chances, will short down the payment cycles, provide customer satisfaction and organizing all records in a better way. Upon all integration of Google calender is an added advantage by which remainder display and scheduler will be always available at your eye.


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