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Intranet Mailing System project

Project Objective

Intranet mailing System projectTill now we all are using the concept of intranet with the help of internet but using the new intranet mailing system, it will enable its users to have private chatting without using the internet connection. Within an organization, there are various departments and all employees work based on their schedule and shifts. So it not possible for them to communicate when the working employees were available in the organization. Mailing system will allow them to drop messages to other employee’s inbox by which they can check at their working hour to take responsive decision on time.

It will work just like an organization portal for working employees to establish communication between them. All employees have to register using this system to get a unique id and select a strong password as per the given choices. Some new features such as smileys and graphics texture has been added to express views properly in front of others. This system will work as host as well as for their clients and all information will be stored at central server. To establish fast communication between coworkers, list of directors and team manager’s id will be available directly under the profile of particular employees by which they can send private messages without searching them.

Existing System

For private mailing employees were using other vendors mailing system such as gtalk, yahoo mail and many more, but it was not possible for the employees and organization to use single id by all the working members. It was not able to provide a professional environment for professional workers. These system were provided with limited features as per the organization requirements and send request to send messages and establish communication. But within organization all employees’ needs to communicate with other related to work and may be some time personal and there is no way to reject one’s request.

Proposed System

As the system will be installed at any particular server which will act as host and its client’s means working employees can access this system using particular IP address or by using its registered domain name. Each employee will use their id and password to login and access their panel to perform activities such as chat, send messages and documents, smileys etc. The concept of session will able to show the history details for each items such as for incoming and outgoing messages, to whom sended and their status such as delivered or failed.

Employees will able to see the names, designation and profile picture of person to whom they have sended messages and vice versa. It will also enable them to schedule messages on particular date and time and pre-defined format will provide availability to send messages as per business requirement in professional format.
Hardware Specifications

The following are the minimal hardware requirements to execute this project

A Personal Computer

• Intel P-III Processor
• 64 MB RAM
• 4.3 GB Hard Disc
Software Specifications

Operating System : Windows NT/ Windows 98
Language : JAVA using Servlets
Database : Access/Oracle/SQL Server

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