Contact Management – Modular Coding-Tiered Application

  ASP.NET Projects

This project consists of Data Access Layer, Business Layer and User Interface for Sample “Contact Management System”. The purpose of the project is to guide users to do modular coding and to know how to re-use general data access code using business layer. Steps ——————————————————-

1. Create Database and Table Structure by running script Provided in “QueriesDataBase Creation Script” folder. Open Contacts.sql file in “Query Analyzer” and Press F5

2. Run Query from TableData_tbl_mst_Contacts.txt file from “Queries” folder using “Query Analyzer”

3. Run Query from TableData_tbl_mas_Contact_Category.txt file from “Queries” folder using “Query Analyzer”

4. Change Connection string from Web.config file 5. Open the Project and Run it .


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