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This project is written using VB.NET and MS access 2010 as back end… Main Features are: 1. Hotel, Banquet Hall, Wedding Garden Reservation. 2. Restaurant Billing. 3. Guests Orders Management. 4. Stock Management. 5. Employee’s Payroll System. 6. Advanced records searching Facility, Advanced reports. 7. Inventory Management and many more. Facility to work on many ..

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A Basic Drag and Drop Sample Version Compatibility: Visual Basic.NET More information: In Visual Studio.Net create a Windows Application project and add a form to the project. Add two textbox controls named tbDragFrom and tbDragTo. Set the Text property of tbDragFrom to “Drag From Text” or anything you want, and set the text property of ..

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1-click Customization of Controls Category: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET Type: Classes Difficulty: Intermediate Author: bubu_king Version Compatibility: Visual Basic.NET More information: This .NET project allows you to customize the text and language of the controls on your form, or delete them, with the right-click contextual menu. You simply add a single line of code to your ..

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PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT:            The  School Health Program System project is  to  provide complete health services on a pilot basis to demonstrate the positive correlation between health and education . The main aim is to achieve sustainable reduction in vulnerability and poverty of urban poor.  PROBLEMS IN THE EXISTING SYSTEM: Redundancy:                                                                                           As the ..

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The CSE students who are interested in doing the project on visual basics they can select Automobile Utilization visual basic project. Automobile system deals with the purchase and sales of the good and maintains the stock. It contains various forms and reports with different function. It has the menus created for different forms and reports. ..

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The customers pay their payment at any branch and also know their details at any branch. Here dynamically  generated the reports like premium payments details, bonus details, due details. The main advantages of this Insurance Management System VB Project are to reduce the time and also manpower. These two factors are very important to improve any ..

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Free Download School management project in VB

School management project in vb.

This is Desktop application in vb.
Database uses Micro soft Access.

In this application manages staff , student details.
also manage student results.
in this application two type of user one admin and second staff.

Admin manages staff details .
staff salary management.
School timetable and also manage teacher lecture time in week.
Also check teacher performance in lecture.

Staff manages Students details.
Add students and store student address and contact number of parents.
Students result management.Also check student performance compare to previous year.
Generate progress report about student.

school management system manage student records, teacher records, staff salary management

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Download library management system project in vb source code.

Library management system this is desktop application.

This application two type use Admin and Student.

Database use microsoft access.

Admin panel manages students details.

How many book issue each student when last date to return books.

Add new book details in library .

Manages books in library they delete update of books

Generate reports how many books issue this month and remaining books.

Student side-

Student account they login and view details.

Update student details.

view his issue book list and return date view date.

Third panel –

User search book by name , isdn number subject name.

Available in library or not.

Library management system.

data base access.

generate report of issues books.and manage books in library.

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