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Learning Made Easy Project Description

The aim of the Learning Made Easy project is to provide training online by means of video tutorial and webinar’s for the employees of the company. By using this Learning Made Easy project this process which was manually can be automated . According to company policy all permanent employees can do all kinds of courses to improve their skills.
Learning Made Easy project Existing System

The Education and Training Department of the company administer training functions and handled by the head of that Department. All training course are scheduled based on a directions issued by the senior management and mode of training is based on diverse media of delivery available. This department library of CDs, videos and Books are maintained in the Training Library for this purpose.

Courses can also be provided by class-room based instructor by using different modes of available technology.. The Education and Training Department of company has acquired different number of educational CDs to provide computer based distance learning to employees.The company is also interested in prompting and developing self-learning based on distance education concept.

Earlier whole process was totally manually controlled. But by using Learning Made Easy project it needs intervention by the training staff at only frequent intervals. This project is proposed to automate this function together with the management of training function to employees.
Drawbacks of existing system

Employees can only attend the training classes as per the predefined given by Education and Training Department of the company.
Every employees need to fill nomination to the training administrator if they desire to do attend a particular Course.
Test paper evaluation is done manually it takes more time and there is a more chances of errors in evaluation.
The employee cannot pursue a course of his/her choice at any time, as the training for that course may not be available at that instant.
Employee need to wait for the training to conclude even is he/she is familiar with the course content and wants to write the test.
Employee needs to contact the training staff for the study materials and test result details.
Since the details of all the employees who understand training are maintained manually it is difficult to search for required details and generate reports if needed.

 Learning Made Easy project Proposed system

The study material for the courses will available online to employees in Compact Disks to provide sessions. Every Compact Disks will contains the study materials of selected course and a small summary of the topic. After attending the session employee must give a small test. All test question papers will be generated automatically and randomly for the user. By using this system every employees can access study material as well as company will be able to gain access to the system.

Any employee can attend training by register himself with the system by selecting the desired course.
Study material will be divided into levels and employee can go to next level after completing current level. Employee can even write a direct test if he knows the technology directly to a higher level.

Learning Made Easy Business Rules

The employee has to register in order to pursue a course
An employee can do only one course at a time
The employee has to complete the course within an allotted time
If the employee fails to complete the course within the allotted time, he/she has to contact the administrator for time extension
No person other than an employee has access to the system
The employee can change the allotted password at anytime
The employee can access the study material of the next level only after qualifying in the test for the current level
An employee can write a direct enter test to skip the lower levels and jump to the higher levels
More than 3 attempts at a test-not permitted
All the details of a course have to be available before it is posted in to the system
Once completed, the same course cannot be done twice.

Technical Environment

  •      Microsoft .Net framework 2.0
  •      ASP.Net 2.0, HTML.
  •      Microsoft C#.Net language
  •      Microsoft SQlServer 2000 or above.

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