Online Voting System project Idea

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Online Voting System project Idea

Problem Definition

To develop an Online Voting System in which complete information regarding the voters is stored in the centralized database. The voter can vote for any candidate while sitting in the home. Proper security algorithms are implemented to stop any kind of active or passive attacks during voting. This Online Voting System can be used for the election as big as the general election or it can be used even in simple college elections.

Motivation Behind Project

Illiteracy is not the only reason for low percentage voting (about 45-50%) in India. None of us wants to wake up early in the morning to stand in long queues in the sun to cast a vote. So we are developing a Online Voting System which will enable people to cast their vote while sitting in the home.
Project Statement

The project is aimed at satisfying the following requisites:

Each person will have his own ID and password where he/she can login to cast his/her vote.
The site will provide the whole details and agendas of different candidates standing for the election which can be access by the different voters.
A secure database will be designed to store different details of the voters and which will be accessed by the sever to check the authenticity of the voter and to store the vote cast by the person.
Great level of security will be maintained by implementing security algorithm to prevent any active or passive attacks to the database. Database will be encrypted and not allowed to be accessed by any person.
Appropriate authentication protocol will be implemented to check the authenticity of the voters.

Projects Standard Requirements

Following the Software Development Life Cycle in a proper & sequential manner to include all phases of software development; including developing requirement analysis documents, developing design documents, implementation, unit testing, integrated testing and user acceptance.
A secure site with username and password for login and appropriate authentication software Secure Socket Layer for encrypted data transmission.

Software Requirements

  •     ASP – 3.0 with VB Script for sever side scripting
  •     MS Access for database backend
  •     Editor Used for Design : Macromedia Dreamweaver
  •     Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2)

Hardware Requirements

Computer with Basic Configuration & Connection to the Internet.

Scenario Based Description

A database will be created for the centralized server in which details of different voters will be stored. Each voter will have his/her own ID and password which will be used by him/her to log into his/her account. He /she can even go through the details of different candidates which will be on the site. He /she will log into their corresponding accounts and will cast his/ her vote to any of the candidates he/ she likes. The Online Voting System will check his/ her authenticity and store his vote in its database and that particular ID will then be rendered inoperative so that he/ she won’t able to vote again.
Benefits of Online Voting System

  •     Voters can cast their votes to their candidates without standing in long queues.
  •     They can get each and every information about different candidates standing for the election and their agendas online.
  •     The results of the election will be out as soon as the voting is complete.
  •     Eventually it will increase the percentage voting.


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