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Online Time Sheet Final Year Project Idea

Online Time Sheet Problem Definition

To develop a Time sheet for the company wherein the employees can enter their working hours over the internet.

Motivation Behind this Project

Timeliness is the need of the hour and tracking the time, status and resources of a project is mandatory for the success of any organization. Tracking time helps taking into account the cost based on metrics & slippages. Hence, the conception of the project.

Project Statement

Background – Current Process

Currently the time tracking information flow among different departments is a manual and an inefficient process. The hours expended on a task in the project is carried out by manual filling of a sheet which is reviewed by the related project manager on a weekly basis. The following Time sheet helps in transparent current flow of the time accounting data based upon information keyed in by the employees accomplishing a task.


The Online Time Sheet Final Year Project will provide the administrator with the facility of keeping a hawk eye view on the project and will give the managers access to information on time spent on a task, specified in the project over the Internet. An employee will be held accountable for all the time spent in the office (inclusive of non-billable tasks). The information may be entered at any time & from any place.

The availability of this information is of critical importance to the project manager & the management. The internet improves efficiency, lead time & accountability on the employee’s part. This information is used by a various departments, making its work flow regularized. The application will also maintain historical information related to the employee’s tracked work hours which the managers can access from anywhere at anytime over the internet.

The administrator is allowed to have an overview of each project and check the status and schedule on each project. He can register new users and make changes to the project manager. He views reports for the overall assessment of the project to check for slippages.

The project manager, depending on the project status may add more employees to his project and add/edit tasks to the projects under him. He is answerable to the senior management and to view the same, he fills in his daily log.

The application will allow employees to enter their working hours over the Internet from anywhere at anytime. The employees will enter following information on daily basis:

  •     Project name
  •     Task name
  •     Status of completion
  •     Start time
  •     End time

Other modules in Online Time Sheet Final Year Project

  •     Track Employee’s progress.
  •     Track Employee’s performance review information
  •     Track Actual versus Fore casted schedule
  •     Provide project management capabilities
  •     Mail notification in case the time sheet is not filled within the two week bar.
  •     Manage resources, time and budget
  •     Track project status

Brief Scenario Based Description

The employee enters his working hours on each task on a daily basis & the manager gets reports & alarms based on the same. The information may be used for history tracking, billing department, payroll & leave departments as and when necessary.
Benefits of Online Time Sheet Final Year Project

The application will provide following benefits:

Since the Online Time Sheet application will be available over the Internet, the employee will be able to enter their information for the day from anywhere at anytime.
The manager will be able to monitor the progress on the project
The manager will be able to access the details on employees work schedule.
Based on the employee work history, manager will be able to check the record during the performance evaluation period.
Based on the employee history, the manager will be able to improve his/her scheduling capability.

Technology Used in Project

  •     ASP.NET with VB.NET for User Interface
  •     SQL Server for the back end.

Platform Used in Online Time Sheet


Software Requirements

  •      Windows XP/2000
  •     .NET framework 1.1 version 2003
  •     SQL Server 2000

Hardware Requirements

  •     PC (128 MB RAM and PIII Processor)
  •     A connection to the internet.


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