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Hostel management system in PHP:  This is hostel management software where the all the details of the hostels are stored in this software. Developers have used PHP language to develop these types of projects. This software mainly used for the owners who having many hostels. Since the software is online the admin can view the details of the hostels like what is amount collected for the day , else what are new comers for the day. the people who stay in hostels their personal details will be stored in the system. the system automatically generated the monthly amount that each student has to pay. if any student keep pending of their payments or delayed in payments, their details will be displayed in the reports. These reports are also shown with the charts, any type of charts u select . These software do their calculation perfectly. even of the student pay some of the month advance in the earlier stage. while give the remaining amount the software shows the exact rate how much the student has to pay, these software are done in php language. Which is the top most language at the moment. for the student who have their final  year projects can submit this project. these project codes are explain there it self.  if you want to download these sample projects they you download below. If you want to purchase this project from us then please contact us. our customer support team will give you the service what is needed. If you are not satisfied with the support then your amount will be refunded in 15 days. Once you contact us we will be sending you what exactly you have to  pay. so use the sample project first. if you like this sample project and if you require more information about this product then contact us

Project title :

Hostel management system in PHP

Front end : PHP

Back End : SQL Server