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Cricket Score Board: This project helpful in displaying Scores of each match and giving reports to the user. User can only view the scores. He/she neither has the authority to edit or delete the scores. User can add comments to the system. Admin is another user. He has the full authority over the system. He/she updates the yearly match details, different teams, different players who is playing for the match. During the match, the admin updates the score along with the commentary written so that the users can read the commentary about what is happening in the match than listening to it.

The comments added by the users will be updated one by one. The winners of the match will also be updated.  The system also gives the report of no of games played by the team, no of match won and lost, and also displays the maximum run scorer and the maximum wicket taker. The system also displays the images of the match for the better view. It can also display video of match.

Cricket Score Board Source code: The programming language used in Cricket score board software is Php. The purpose of this software is to maintain the complete information about the cricket matches held and to be held in different place, runs scored by each team, run scored by each batsman, overall wickets taken by each team and overall tickets by each bowler in each match. Initially the admin enters all the matches in the database so that the viewer can view. On that particular match day, all the details of the match will be displayed such as tow teams, who are competing, place where the math is held, names of all the players in both the teams. There are 3 facilities in the page. A viewer can view the match through 3 different sources i.e., video, audio and text. By the help of video, a viewer can view the match just like as they watch in television. Audio supports only commentary but not any visual image. And finally the text is a new concept, where commentary will be displayed in forms of text so that the viewer can read it anytime even after the match. There is something called as comment box below the page. Here the viewer can share their reviews about the match. If your comments are liked by the admin, he chooses to display in between the commentary in bold text. Cricket score board displays the score of each team which will be updated by the team who will be handling the software. They can also edit/delete the entry they made.
The below link provides you the sample code. Contact or mail us for the exact code to which the quotation will be sent to your mail Id. For Any further support or queries to resolve, our special team will be handling.

Project title:

Cricket Score Board

Front End:PHP , HTML

Back End:My SQL

This software is error free. Anyone can use this software. you can download this software by clicking on download below. So use this software and get more benefit from this. If have any doubts, then post your doubts below.

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Download Cricket Score Board Source code

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