Food Corporation of India Project in with free source codes

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Food Corporation of India Project

Food Corporation of India Project is developed in programming language. In this project we will explain about this project and requirements with source code and project report download.

Food Corporation of India

FCI (FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA) is a  organization  which  stores grain in  different  Type  of  Godown . It also moves (inword / outword)  grain from different state. FCI allots grain to different scheme through different allotment   type.

With the help of this application we try to achieve that these all above work done easily and properly. We provide the online booking facilty to the client .
Food Corporation of India Project Description:

FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA , This software firstly maintains the employee record of FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA. We can view all information of employee in different format like category  wise  , sc/st wise , etc.

Online booking Form is available on net, client send   request for book their land for FCI and get a request Id. And with the help of this Id they can get their Response given by FCI.

This application is also manage the record of Godown   And their capacity. When we want to store the grain in a godown we check the capacity firstly.Same   As in allocation and Movement we also chek the stock and capacity of godown.In this System we also put information of procured grain.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Microprocessor: 512 or Pentium series.

Primary Memory (RAM): 128 MB

Secondary Memory (Hard Disk): 16 GB minimum

Video Display Unit: VGA Monitor.

Compact Disk Drives: 52x CD-ROM.

Keyboard: 101 Key Enhanced Keyboard.

Mouse: Serial Mouse.

Software Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP.

Programming Language:

Front End: ASP.NET
Back End: SQL Server

Text Editor: Visual Studio 2008

Document package        : MS- Word and MS- Power point

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