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Budget Analysis Project

Budget analysis Project in Asp.Net is a useful web application that helps all sorts of business firms. The main strategy of the project is to automate the excel data and calculations into RDBMS to make data retrieval and manipulations easier. The application is done using ASP.Net and we have used SQL Server as the back end to make it more powerful. The main features of budget analysis are:

Budget Analysis

  •     Fast excel file parsing
  •     Project wise summary report
  •     Date range summary report
  •     Month wise summary report
  •     Year wise summary report

The application is build kept in mind that any users will find to use it friendlier.  We just need to upload the excel file into the application through the friendly user interface provided and the application, will parse the excel file into the database for calculations and manipulations. The users are also given the facility to create a new project by themselves which helps them to handle the excel applications into the database more friendly.

Future Enhancements:

Now the users can upload only excel file into the DB for calculating profit and loss of products. In future we can use the facility to upload CSV or XML file into the database for calculation.
Budget Analysis Project Conclusion:

Budget Analysis is an online project that allows the users to calculate profit and loss of products sold and do its analysis. For this, an excel based analyzer is created. If the users are provided with the excel files, they can calculate the profit and loss from anywhere in the world and thus a lot of time can be saved. The users are provided with company’s excel files which are stored in administrator’s database.


The proposed System is developed on:

Processor                     :           INTEL Pentium 4

RAM                           :           512MB

Hard Disk Drive         :           40GB

Key Board                  :           Standard 101/102 or Digi Sync Family

Monitor                       :           Display Panel (1024 X 764)

Display Adapter          :           Trident Super VGA

Network Adapter        :           SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra

Mouse                         :           Logitech Serial Mouse


Operating System       :           Windows XP

Front- End                  :           C#. NET with ASP. NET

Back- End                   :           MS SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS

Download Budget Analysis Project Source Code in Asp.Net with Full Project Report and Documentation, PPT.


Download Source Codes and Project files here

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