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Project Objective

Link Handler System is an integrated application with your web based application. The main function of this application is to identify the outside and inside link available in your application and notify you in order to take correct action. Whenever this application identify such link item it will automatically redirect to that section, either it may be internal link or external link upon your final confirmation. Another important point is that, you can check out the coding section through the external link and its unique phishing system will identify the websites who are trying to theft your information or trying to make you fool. This application provided with extended multiple features such as chat option, internal web browser to handle external link and display pages without closing next tab.

Through this link handler system, you do not have to copy and paste any link which comes while surfing. It will recognize it and the type of item associated with such link. To make handling process easier, its automatic configuration system will handle the registry section of your operating system to edit the registry as per the requirement, so that there should be any problem while communication. Apart from these, it will also diagnose the network problem and connection status while using internet.

Providing extra features to make all work easier for current working session is the need of today’s working environment. Using an application just for identifying and handling links is not able to meet user requirement. Search options were not available to identify the texts and attach files during chat session. To make a secure system, the concept of session id was not introduced during idle session. It also not providing a mechanism through which its user can set their own network identity and provide information about their connection status.

Proposed System
Apart from the link handling process, it also provide a proper connection mechanism with the current available network and set priority for their regular connection. Each users will be provided unique session id and upon successful log out their session will be destroyed automatically. It will able to capture the links which are associated with videos, songs, images etc and automatically submit to your downloading manager, through which you can easily download it. Link Handler System will identify same type of links which occurs while browsing and inform user to take appropriate action. Whenever any link tries to open another window, it will catch it and take action as set by the current user.

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