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Jwellery Shop Project in php project download

Project Name

: Jwellery Shop Project in php project download

Upload Date

: 2012-07-20

Project Language

: php

Project Type

: web Application

Project Description


Download php source code

Jwellery Shop Web application in php

IN this project Three type of Visitor Admin,Customer,Visitor.

Admin Section
Admin add new item in shop.
Manage page content Change home pages content
Also manage customer accounts.Manages Customer details send notification any item add in store.
Admin able to delete product in store.

Customer Side.

Register Page for new customer.
customer track his last order and perches item and bill copy.
Also pre-booking  some item and add to cart for perches.
Customer rating a product also comment on product.
Suggestion to admin if any changes required.

Visitor side.
Visitor only view product and rating of product.
Best selling item category vise.

Jewellery purchase.
Admin add new Jewellery in shop delete any product in site
store transaction generate monthly repoort

Download php project source code.
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: 1405

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