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Description: A free PHP contact form script that lets site visitors send feedback to your e-mail. The script validates the submitted data and mails it to you. Features:    Spam protection. Users are required to enter security code (captcha) to prevent automated form submissions.Sender copy. A copy of the e-mail can be sent to the person who submitted the form. It is either sent unconditionally or you can add “”Send me a copy”” checkbox.    Attachments. The script can send uploaded files as attachments. You can add several upload fields. You can limit file size, restrict allowed file extensions and/or mime types.    Multiple departments. The submitted data can be routed to different e-mail addresses (different departments) based on user selection.Skins/styles. The script includes 3 flicker-free graphic skins. Skinned forms have the same uniform appearance in all browsers. All fields are being skinned including buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, select fields, upload fields.”

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