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The Tours Travel Management System is a web based application and maintains a centralized repository of all related information.  The objective of this project is to develop a system that automates the processes and activities of a travel agency. The purpose is to design a system using which one can perform all operations related to traveling and sight-seeing. In the present system a customer has to approach various agencies to find details of places and to book tickets. This often requires a lot of time and effort. A customer may not get the desired information from these offices and often the customer may be misguided. It is tedious for a customer to plan a particular journey and have it executed properly.

Tours Travel Management System

This application consists following modules:

  1. Administrator module : This module is for administrator to manage complete website. In this module administrator can add route information, bus information, tour packages, travel packages, bus seat details, etc. Even administrator can view complete report with daily, monthly and weekly basis.
  2. Tours module: This module displays the different list of tour packages.
  3. Travels module: The travel module which will display the list of different travel packages.
  4. Routes module: This will display the route information of Source location and destination location. It will display via route if the bus travels same location with different route.
  5. Reservations module: This module is for passengers where passenger can reserve the seats by making payment. The passenger can take print after booking the ticket.
  6. Testimonials module : This is testimonials module where passenger can post feedback after the journey and they can share their experience.


Operating System                  : Windows

Technology                             : Java and J2EE

Web Technologies                : Html, JavaScript, CSS

IDE                                          : My Eclipse

Web Server                            : Tomcat

Database                                : MySql5.0

Java Version                          : J2SDK1.5

HTML Designing                 : Dream weaver Tool

Development Tool kit          : My Eclipse

Download Project Documentation: 

Download Project source code:

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