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Download Source Code – Complain-Management-System

Online Complain Management is a Web based project developed in PHP/MySQL which used to manage Customer’s complain Online. User can login, and Create complain, view complain details and track the status of its complain. It has one Admin module where Admin can login and View all complaint details, assign the complain to specific Engineer to work and check the status of Assigned Complain. Admin can Create/ Update or Delete engineers details, View reports based on Prebuild Criterias.

Engineer can also and check all complain assigned to it, work on complain and Update the status of complain. Once Completed Engineer can Close the complain, and Customer can view the complain status, engineers comments.

Following are the features of this Project:

  • Dashboard
  • ADMIN: Login, View all complains
  • ADMIN: Create / Update / Delete Engineers
  • ADMIN: Assing complain to Engineer for Work
  • ENGINEER: Login, View complains assigned
  • ENGINEER: Work on Complain and update its Status
  • CUSTOMER: Login, Create complain
  • CUSTOMER: View complain status, view complains Hinstory

Download Source Code – Complain-Management-System