Smart File Converter – Convert PPT, PDF, PS file into HTML

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Download Source Code here

This project us used to convert PowerPoint slides (*.ppt files), Portable Document Format (PDF files) and PostScript format (*.ps files) into HTML.

Project is developed in code java with some open source libraries used to convert file formats into HTML. I have used apache commons, fontbox, pdfbox, itext and ghost4j.jar files as a helping jar to convert PDF, PPT and PS files into HTML file. For formatting, and styling HTML file css prototype framework is used.

Following is a Screen shot of main window of Smart File Converter project.

This project can be used a reference to demonstrate how we can convert many popular file format into HTML. I have used only PPT, PDF and PS but it can be extended to support many file formats.

Downloadable zip file contain all dependencies and some sample pdf, ppt and ps files which I have used to test file conversion.

Please note that to convert PostScript file into HTML you first need to install GhostScript into local machine.

Download Source Code here