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The project Network Based Library Management System Facilitates the more security using the Java technologies. The aim of the research work is to develop Network Based Library Management System for issuing BOOKS to students, teachers, by using existing Campus Network infrastructure By Using Advance Technology and make the library system more effective and efficient.

Problem Statement:

Network Based Library Management System is used to provide a medium for the libraries to computerize their entire functioning and would contribute as a first step in digitalizing their libraries. Everything in this project works under networking. The server pc has the entire records of the books. All pc’s are connected to the server. Even if the required information was found it was usually at cost of much valuable time. This LAN based Library management is would not only simplify this process but also speedup the entire functioning of the library. It will also contribute towards increasing the efficiency of the libraries a whole, right from the data entry to maintaining the historical records, student records, book  records, etc. It is to provide user or the library members or agents to the opportunity to not only search through the books online but to reserve books that are issued by other users and also request newer books and latest syllabus books.

Advantages of this project:

The Library in charge maintaining library records manually.
But this software can easily put data of all faculties, students quickly with the security.
A number of thousands books, Magazines and research papers can be issued and managed by this software.

Flexible – Customizable components are tailored to accommodate the requirements of institutions of all types and sizes.

Easy to use – User-friendly workflows and intuitive graphical interfaces increase staff and patron efficiency.


• Java Technology
• Java Swing
• Java AWT
• Java Database Programming
• Open Database Connectivity.
• Microsoft Access 2000 Database

Download project code: