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The idea of the developing the GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System is to provide support for the new post-paid meters, managed remotely by SMS based on GSM, having dual digital display, by LED and numerical wheel display. This application also provides a facility for the customers like online bill payment.

It is particularly applicable for developing and underdeveloped countries where such a post-payment solution may be desirable. It can solve all the standard business problems existing in operation and maintenance of utilities that use a post payment system. Our current system provides communication only through SMS messages. Later if we want we can use emails etc for communication.

Project Title: GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing

Software Requirements :

Programming Language           :         Java

Web Applications                     :         JDBC, JNDI, STRUTS

Database                                  :         Oracle/Access

Server Deployment                  :         WebShpere/Tomcat

Download project code:

Forms of GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System:

  1. Login
  2. Home page
  3. About us
  4. Admin Home Page
  5. Customer Home page
  6. View Profile
  7. Register
  8. Read Queries
  9. Register
  10. View Bill
  11. Update Details
  12. Pay Bills
  13. Contact us


It provides an advantage and support the concept of e-governance in the electric reading and metering. Our system provides the customer precise consumption information. It also clear and accurate billing. It informs itself when it is outage.Provides better and fast customer service.