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Remote Grammar Updation Module Project Idea

Remote Grammar Updation Module project using JSP Final Year project

Based on the architecture of the a core system for machine assisted translation, the remote grammar updation module proceeds with the objective of translating English text into Hindi in a specified domain of Personnel Administration, specifically Gazette Notifications, Office Orders, Office Memoranda and Circulars pertaining to appointments, transfers and promotions. The remote grammar updation module allows for manipulation of lexicons sourced in the central database also providing for transliteration from English to Hindi.

The project is aimed at satisfying the following requisites:

All documents whether translated or otherwise are stored in a central database, which will be available to all concerned authorities. Common translation tools such as add word, multiple output
This is based on a distributed architecture, which helps to use both the server as well as client computing power
The system provides a personal login id, password and inbox facilities to maintain the translated documents.
This is an interactive system with the common tools required to translate a document.

Following the Software Development Life Cycle in a proper & sequential manner to include all phases of software development; including developing requirement analysis documents, developing design documents, implementation, unit testing, integrated testing and user acceptance.
Benefits of Remote Grammar Updation Module Project

Instant dissemination of knowledge and information through on-line translation.
Standardization and uniformity in the use of translation equivalents, expressions and styles.
To help the Government bodies to execute and promote Official Language through the help of the modern IT.

Technology Used Remote Grammar Updation Module Project


Java Server Pages, commonly called JSP, is a Java- based alternative to ASP,invented and standardized by Sun.. JSP uses a syntax similar to ASP  except the scripting language is Java. Unlike ASP, JSP is an open standard implemented by dozens of vendors across all platforms. JSP is closely tied with servlets because a JSP page is transformed into a servlet as part of its execution.

Java servlets are a key component  of server-side Java development .A servlet is a small, pluggable extension to a server  that enhances the server’s functionality.Servlets allow developers to extend and customize any Java-enabled web or application  server with a hitherto unknown degree of portability,flexibility and ease.Download Remote Grammar Updation Module Project below

 Download Remote Grammar Updation Module Synopsis



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