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Developer Name

: Sandeep majethiya

Project Name

: Online book shopping store C# project download

Upload Date

: 2012-07-09

Project Language

: C# .net

Project Type

: web applic Application

Project Description


Download free project in C# .net with source code.

online book shopping store
This application is development in Asp .net language.
Database using SQL 2008.

Online book store main three type of user.
one admin manages user.
add book detail update.
manages user details.
alert admin when stock is finished.

user side that manage his details.
User can save your favorite books.
Pre booking order of  book.

also User View How many books perches.
When recived courier of books.
General user View that book available or not.
search books by name isdn id, subject view.

also rating of book.
which is best book for subject
Top selling books overall.
week,monthly,yearly Best selling book.

Free download project with report online book store shopping
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