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Final year projects for cse
Final year Project statement
To develop a network monitoring system that allows the administrator to be able to categorize and monitor the resources on its network.
Technology : C# .Net technology

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF Network Monitoring System

Any large Business entity has a number of locations. To run the business they have an IT structure in place. Each of these locations is part of the IT structure either through a LAN, WAN, VPN etc. The IT structure consists of resources like servers, workstations, laptops, hand-held devices, printers and networking devices that connect them like switches, Routers, Bridges etc.
Most of these resources have attributes such as name, manufacturer, Operating system, processor family, RAM, connections to other resources – Fiber-optic cable, RS232 serial cables, coaxial cables etc.
We need to implement a utility for mapping the network topology, the attributes can be queried from database or by network exploration and presenting them in graphical format to users. The idea is provide an IDE that will help our users to quickly draw n/w diagrams, identify resources uniquely and edit attributes on them. Also, we must be able to keep history of changes to the resource attributes.
It should maintain a database which contains all the resources along with the attributes that were present the last time the network was scanned. This database should be updated dynamically whenever the network is scanned or a resource or attribute is moved / changed. Whenever a user wants to change any attribute he should be provided with a tag where he can enter any relevant details about his status at the present time.
It provides for an Administrator who has full control over the entire network,or a part of it,(centralized control with partial distribution of rights depends on purpose). The administrator can start or stop dedicated services, he can update the required software from one central location, on his part of the network.
 Components Of The Project
1. GUI based application:

This provides the facility to user to initiate the utility, whereby he will get a graphic detail of the entire network. He will be able to visualize every resource on his network and will be able to see every possible connection between resources.

He will be able to able to see all the attributes present on any resource he wants.

He will be able to update, modify, change or configure the resources with the help of objects representing the actual resources present on the network. This triggers a background process of history keeping.

It provides the ability to caution any change of an attribute which may not be compatible with the resource at hand.

2. Back end Processing :

This module uses various Algorithms to find the various attributes on every resource.

It also maintains a dynamically updated database which contains all the attributes present on every resource along with compatibility problems.

This module handles all functionality from finding the resources, attributes, querying with the resources  to re-configuring the resources

It can therefore take decisions on compatibility issues and report errors accordingly.

We can use raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those  hosts are offering , what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics.  It provides complete information about configuration , processes, applications along with their attributes like compatibility , version , status etc.

3. Manager :

It provides synchronization between the activities of the user (GUI) and the Backend.

It bridges the way in which the GUI displays all the information the Back end provides.

Platform : WINDOWS 2000/XP
Software requirements:
The application should be web based so that it could be deployed on web server
Possible Tools that could be used-:

Visual basic
Microsoft  Visual Studio .Net
IIS service

Hardware requirements:

MEMORY : 256MB onwards
Modem / LAN card (100Mbps)
Internet connection

Network Monitoring System-Final year project for CSE


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