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Global Communication Network project


Global Communication Network is a platform which enables a text based conversation medium between working members. This type of communication media is preferred by the technical members during their ongoing development work. This software provides a powerful tool for those industries whose main purpose is to communicate ideas and draw conclusion based on it.

As the medium is text based and in English, so it provide a platform for global communication with any person of any country. Through web based feature, it can be accessed from any remote location which enables public broadcasting. The technical department’s personnel were always busy with their deadline work and come with various difficulties which they have to solve under limited time by discussing with their partners which are far away from their locations, thus providing privatization of communication infrastructure. It will also enables to share their emotions by using discussion templates and modes with their digital signature, heading and image. Multiple communication and combination facility has been introduced through which more than two person can establish communication on same topic. As the processing and handling system will be handled by the servlet, so users have to select the proper texture and format to begin their communication. Its easy installation process and low infrastructure will be highly accepted by today’s organization.
Existing System

Due to poor communication and change in communication language creates difficulty while creating a communication path between two or more persons and the system was not able to cope with this problem. Even with inventions of new technologies, there wasn’t a platform which can provide a professional tool for business workflow. Sharing ones emotions through textual mode which may turn into graphical results wasn’t possible. There can be only single execution of task once at a time while others task are waiting for their turn to be executed by the system.
Proposed System

As to ensure the authenticity of the person, there is a verification checkup along with data validation which has been entered in to their respective fields. To make a fully secured system, all there is a two way verification method to ensure authenticity and provide a session to establish communication between two or more persons. In place of JDBC, hibernate framework has been used to retain database connection to eliminate the connection loss problem and the concept of tiles has enhanced the design portion of this system.

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