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Tracking System project Btech final year Project

This project is to develop a web-based software solution for tracking the various opportunities handled by an employee in a company. It gives an insight into the various stages of an opportunity that the employee has worked on with the duration specified and how efficient the employee has been in his performance. A detailed view of all the meetings done with a particular client with respect to the ongoing opportunity is recorded.
It is an online application accessible to the employees to view as a web page where the employees may view personal as well as business details of any employee of the company. It also provides the facility of updating only his or her own details which are stored temporarily in a secondary database and are left for further evaluation by the administrator. The administrator is the only one who has access rights for making changes or updating of business details of an employee n verification by the supervisor of the concerned employee. These changes are finally reflected in the primary copy if they are valid else the data is rolled back. The personal data can be updated directly into the primary database without requiring any verification by the administrator. The final summary report of every employee is generated based on the efficiency of the employee in completing an opportunity.
It provides the facility to view the opportunity status depending on the following:
Date-based retrieval of the various stages that have been reached
All opportunities associated with an employee both current and committed
A funnel depicting the current stage of all the ongoing opportunities
A list comprising of the opportunities that have been committed
Project Statement
We are creating a Web based application for tracking various opportunities faced by employees in an organization. The application enables the user to view as well as update his personal or business details. It also provides reviews on the performance of the employee.
We have used the .NET Platform along with C# as the coding language. The application is completely based on ASP.NET which runs in the .NET Framework.
The application uses ASP.NET pages with C# as the scripting language for the functionality that takes place behind the Web Forms that are visible to the user as front-end.
SQL Server 2000 is used as back-end, which along with ADO.NET provides easy access to data required for the application.
XML is also used to provide support for updates.
Brief Project Description
The project uses ASP.NET pages to provide the front-end to the user. The ASP.NET pages consist of Web Forms. These act as the user interface of the application. The functionality embedded in the Web Forms has been provided through C#.
The application provides the user with the following facilities:

  •     Viewing opportunity data for the organization as a whole.
  •     Viewing opportunity data for a particular employee.
  •     Viewing personal details of employees.
  •     Updating personal details of the employee.
  •     Updating business details of the employee.
  •     Provides drill down to view particular opportunity details.

The application uses SQL server 2000 as back end. The data stored on these databases is fetched by the application using ADO.NET. This provides a partially two-tier and partially three-tier architecture to the application. The use of DataSets and DataAdapters allow easy access to the database.
The application also uses XML for business updates to provide double verification before allowing data in the databases to be updated.
The application has been developed in the Visual Studio .NET 1.0 developing environment, which uses the .NET Framework which is provided on Windows.
The backend uses SQL Server 2000 which requires Windows Server 2000 or later.
Software and Hardware requirements
The application has the following software requirements:-

  •     IIS server
  •     NET Framework
  •     Visual Studio .NET 1.0 developing environment.
  •     The client requires a web browser.

The application has the following hardware applications:-

Multimedia PC configuration.

Tracking System project-Final year Project