Detecting SNMP service on a network Final Year Project

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Detecting SNMP service on a network Final Year Project

Problem Definition

This project is final year project concerned with detecting SNMP service and all its parameters viz. header contents on network. This project ensues to project itself as SNMP manager entity and enables an administrator to know the status of SNMP service on the agent machines.

Technology Used

  • Java (GUI and NETWORKING)
  • Platform: Windows OS.
  • Software Requirements

    J2SE 5
    Winpcap- packet capturing library for WINDOWS.
    jpcap- high level packet capturing library for JAVA.

Hardware Requirements

  •     32 bit processor
  •     128 MB RAM
  •     Ethernet Card

Project Description

SNMP service works on a request-response mechanism. SNMP agents send status information to the managers using some predefined packets. Configuring a SNMP manager and agent is a very tiring and difficult task.

First a flat file of the machines to be scanned is transformed into a database. After that PORT SCANNING is performed on those machines to check for SNMP port (port 161).

All the machines on which port 161 is enabled are logged into the database.

Then the application which is acting as SNMP manager sends SNMP packet to all those machines on which SNMP service is enabled. The machines (agent) respond to the request with SNMP packet. The packet is then decoded by the decoding module and the header information is then extracted and logged into the database. The same information is also displayed to the user.

This final year project involves capturing of packets on the network. The packet capture  functionality is a low-level task i.e it involves interaction at the hardware level. A library WINPCAP is available for low level packet capturing. Above that JPCAP, a high level packet capture library for JAVA is being used to enable packet capture using the JAVA programming language.

The main advantage of this final year project is that it reduces the overall cost of installing and configuring SNMP manager on the network. Also it allows the administrator to view all the header information enclosed in a SNMP reply.

 Detecting SNMP service on a network Final Year Project

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