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Project Objective

Organizing your personal images and photos with inbuilt template will be an added advantage for using your creativity. Through this album creator you will able to view your images in different styles and patterns. You will able to list all images either in grid view or in matrix style. Before creating an album you will have to select the type of templates and look which you want to give for your album and all the templates has been provided under this one single package. The concept of tiles has been used to improve the design section for this java projects.

To load the pictures into your particular created album, you can select images either one by one or all the images at one time only. Once uploading process completed, it will provide the number of images, their particular size with their default name. Even from all these features, you can select any particular album, to convert all the images to an html file so that you can use it for your personal website just by including the name of html page. Its viewing section has been divided into two section, upper section and lower section. Upper section will display the listing of images and upon selecting any image, its detailed view will be available under bottom section.
Existing System

There was no facility of selecting multiple images at the same time and users were bound to upload single images at a time. Even the size and pixel setting were not provided by the existing system. Users can see the images in the default size and no provision was provided to resize the images while viewing. Rating options and putting watermark for any images, thus users were not able to give any unique identification to a particular image. Scrolling facility was not available for while listing of images and have to check out every images one by one by selecting particular image.

To make a unique album creator some of the exciting features has been added to make it interesting while using this system. Users can see all images by selecting a single image of particular album and scroll down through your mouse to see the next image. Even you can review any image by zooming in and out and rotating the image into 360 direction. The best part of it is creating an html file with the list of images. While selecting this option, a default folder at particular destination will be created with all necessary files which are required to make a file such as its css file, image folder and a single web page.

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