Advertise manager v1.00 released

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This is my custom advertise manager (ADM) to manage your banners easy in any php project. ADM uses php/Ajax and its very easy to use even for novice users.

Features :

  • Multilingual (you can easily create language translations in any language)
  • Php/Ajax (Yahoo! API)
  • It supports images, swf, code (iframes, jscript, html) and text banners
  • It supports google ads
  • InLine editors for text & code advs
  • Statistics with IP translation (its a little bit slow but you can deactivate it)
  • User levels
  • Automatic file manager
  • Inline help
  • Easy integration
  • User friendly interface

And the best of all its free including the source code!!

Advertise manager v1.00 released


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