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C++ Project Bus Reservation System in Code::blocks

“Bus Reservation System” project is written in c++. It is very simple project just to show the implement of class and object of C++. You can understand the code easily and learn how to create class and use object in c++ for your C++ project.The tasks that user can perform in this project are listed below:
1.Install the bus record
3.Show the bus details
4.Show all buses available
This project is console application without GUI. You can add many features in this project.Here data of bus information is not store in file so every run of program previous data is lost so you can implement the file handling to store all the bus details.
You can download the project for below or copy the code and compile the code in gcc compiler with code::bl..

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This is another Mangagement project which is suitable for school or college mini project. It is written in c++ language in code::blocks IDE with MinGW compiler. It is console application without graphics. Whole project is completely based on file handling all the employee’s record are store in file. You learn how to store the data, editing data, searching data and deleting the data using file. Following features can be found in this project which is listed below.
1. Built The Employee table
2.List the employee table
3.Insert new entry
4.Delete an entry
5.Edit an entry
6.Search a record

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